These 3 Men Were George Washington’s Right Hand Men

As the commander of the Continental Army, George Washington had many responsibilities. He not only needed to plan strategies and train his men, but he also needed to manage supplies, keep his men paid, and maintain communication with other army leaders. These tasks were all made more difficult by the fact that Washington was almost constantly on the move throughout the war.

Luckily for him, he had three right hand men who helped him manage these responsibilities: General Nathanael Greene, Colonel Benedict Arnold and Colonel Henry Knox. These three men were instrumental in helping George Washington achieve victory in the Revolutionary War. This article will detail their role in helping Washington achieve victory in the Revolutionary War.

Nathanael Greene

Nathanael Greene was one of the most important leaders in the American Revolution. He was a gifted military strategist and played a significant role in defeating the British. After the war, he was elected to serve as a U.S. congressman and later as the Governor of Georgia. When he was only 12 years old, Nathanael Greene became an apprentice to a Rhode Island merchant.

He later worked as a sailor, an iron smith, and a shopkeeper. In 1772, he opened his own iron smithing business and quickly became one of the wealthiest men in Rhode Island. Greene became an outspoken critic of British tyranny and the first person to suggest that Rhode Island become a part of the New England Confederation. In 1774, the Continental Congress appointed him to travel to Rhode Island to negotiate with the British.

However, the British refused to meet with Greene. They considered him too radical and dangerous. When the Revolutionary War began, Greene was an obvious choice to join the Continental Army. He quickly rose through the ranks and served as Washington’s top general. Greene was one of the best military leaders of his time. Many historians consider him one of the greatest generals in American history.

His greatest strength was that he was an excellent strategist. He also had a gift for creating strong relationships with his men. Green was also a masterful judge of character.

Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold was one of the top generals for the Continental Army. However, he became infamous for switching sides and joining the British. Arnold was a young man when he first began to resent the British. When he was 16, he petitioned the British Navy for a position on one of their ships. However, the British denied his petition because he was too young. After his petition was denied, Arnold began to resent the British even more.

He decided to pursue a career in the military and quickly rose through the ranks. Arnold’s military career was going well until he was wounded during the Battle of Saratoga. After he was wounded, Arnold was forced to retire from the military. He then moved to New Haven and began a successful blacksmithing business.

When the Revolutionary War began, Arnold was eager to get back in the military. He quickly joined the Continental Army and quickly rose through the ranks. Arnold became one of Washington’s most trusted generals. He was a gifted military strategist, and Washington often relied on him to come up with winning strategies.

Arnold is most famous for successfully leading a surprise attack against British-held Quebec. However, his success in Quebec came at a high price. He was wounded during the attack, and the wound never healed properly.

Henry Knox

Henry Knox was a top general for the Continental Army. He also served as the Secretary of War after Washington resigned from the position. Knox was born into a wealthy family in Massachusetts. When he was a teenager, he left home to study at Harvard. He later started working for a local bookstore and eventually became the owner. Knox became a staunch supporter of the Revolutionary War early on.

He provided the Continental Army with weapons and ammunition. He also served on Washington’s staff and helped to manage the supplies and ammunition for the army. Knox was a gifted logistician and was extremely organized. Many historians consider him one of the most important men working behind the scenes during the war. He was essential in helping Washington win the war, but he was rarely recognized for his contributions.


These men were important figures throughout the war and helped to lead the American army to victory. However, they are often overlooked when we recount the history of the Revolutionary War. These men were incredibly important in the American Revolution, and their contributions deserve to be recognized. There are several reasons why these men are often overlooked.

First, they all served as lieutenants who worked behind the scenes and rarely got any recognition. Second, they each had different personalities and came from different backgrounds. Nathanael Greene was a Southerner, while Henry Knox was from Massachusetts. Benedict Arnold was from Connecticut, and Washington was from Virginia. No two people could have been more different than the Virginian Washington and the New Englander Knox.


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